SonicX Pro is a game changer in the market of toothbrushes. Created with much thought and love for people’s well-being, SonicX Pro puts the times when one had to constantly worry about his or her oral hygiene to the past. Some of the most unique benefits of this product are as follows:

  • Intelligent brushing. The toothbrush features four brushing modes: cleaning, whitening, a massage and soft clean.
  • Power. High-frequency acoustic vibrations create secondary cleansing action, that way producing a powerful brushing force (45,000 brush strokes per minute!), which guarantees the removal of plaque in the hard to reach areas of the mouth.
  • Timer. Each of the four modes will run for two minutes with interval pauses every thirty seconds, so you wouldn’t forget to switch to other areas of your mouth.
  • Long lasting battery. The batteries of the toothbrush are designed to last for two weeks of regular brushing and are rechargeable.
  • Compact. This lightweight and easily portable toothbrush can be used at home or on the go, for example, taken on a trip. 
  • DuPont brush. DuPont is a synthetic, soft filament, usually used to create makeup brushes. It performs like natural hair, so it will not harm your gums and will guarantee quality cleanse of the teeth. 
  • Simplicity. The entire brush is controlled with one button on the front.
  • Waterproof. The toothbrush is IPX7 grade waterproof, so after brushing your teeth it can be washed as a usual toothbrush.